Brisk Walking


“For He will command His Angel conserning you to guard you in all your ways.” –Psalm 91:11

One of my favorite blogger said that in an unknown territory sometimes we must let ourselves be lost in order to learn.

I don’t have such courage that’s why when I happened to turned left instead of right down to Maya St., I come up into an unfamiliar place. I’m so afraid I can’t go home.

To think that it all happened because I am angry with my husband. Out of my rebellion, as I always does, I stow away. I brisk walk without any destination in mind. It’s my way of coping to ill feelings. I keep on walking until all my anger subsides. For me, I’d rather do this than have a fight and say things I might regret.

But the thing is I am now in Manila. This place is full of crude people lurking in every corner of the street. They can easily sense if you’re lost and they will disrespect you especially if you’re wearing shorts. I do because my stowing away was unplanned.

Thank God, after several hours of losing my way home, I finally able to trace my way back and safely returned.

And thanks to Him for teaching me many lessons I will never forget.

Father, forgive me for being so hard-headed and for always doing things on impulse. I got angry and I sin. Thank you for your patience, Lord and thank you for always letting my Angel to guard me in all my angry brisk walking.


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