Finding a Job?

everlasting arms

“Underneath are the Everlasting Arms” – Deuteronomy 33:27

The tallest building where I’ll be conducting my job interview looks at me as if it mocks me. I was like a dust in its feet, someone he can ignore or just sweep away.

Will I continue? Can I conquer this?

I look up above that ever tallest building and see God smiling at me saying,

“My child, don’t be afraid. Can’t you see I am much higher than this building? Don’t worry I’ll go with you, I will open the door for you, just take courage.”

And that’s it.

I go with my Christ confidence.

And I passed the preliminary interview.

God knows how much we needed a job right now. My husband has been fired from his work because of a terrible mistake he’d done.

Now we’re left hanging on the air with a little bit of our savings left.

The problem is I am not accustomed to working. I’ve been a stay-at-home mother for several years, I have no experience… Friend, all I have is the courage and my God.

Now, I am to undergo the training.

“Father, thank you for going ahead of me in the office to prepare the people who will interview me. Thank you for helping me overcomes my fear, worries, and discouragement.  And thank you for opening the doors for me because I know when you open the door no one can shut them for me. Please, keep on accompanying me in all the hardships to come. I am willing my Lord to continue and to go the distance for the sake of my family.”


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