Let my Highest Goal be… Love


The training that I have been through last week was a very rigorous one. I have never yet attended a training as tiring as that both in physical and mental aspects.

It’s that tiring that I almost want to cry most of the time. Added to it is the fact that I feel I don’t belong in the group. Surrounding me are very young and dynamic people that even them threatened my objective which is to make it through the job itself. Somehow I feel, I am not good enough.

All through that week, I lost what’s most important… to love myself. I even forget to love my family because when I got home they become a recipient of my irritation.

But there’s something I am very grateful… I am able to build-up two of my co-trainees. I encouraged them and they’d passed their mock interview… both of them were very very thankful to me.

I am supposed to be sad because they have chosen and I am left behind, even so, the feelings that I am able to build them up makes me proud of myself.

“Let love be your highest goal.” (1 Corinthians 14:1)

I should have to remind myself of this verse all the time… It is able to make me see things far higher than my selfish ambition. It made me focus on the people who matters to me than much of my self.

So, is love your goal today?



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