Don’t try to get out!


“Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well developed.” – James 1:4

I love what my Coach told me in her text message,

“…remember though that you were the ones who worked hard during the assessments so job well done to you. You never gave up and made sure that you improved and you did. Congratulations. Your hard work paid off.”

To which I answered,

“Yes, what I have is the determination, but what you gave me is the direction and for that thank you.”

Because today, friends, I’ve passed the assessment and if everything’s goes well in my medical examination, by Monday I will be signing up my contract.

My Coach is right; I did my best even if I know, my best was not enough. But what I can attest to you is that what happened has nothing to do with what I strived for, it’s more about my faith in God.

The faith that I believed God went ahead of me in that company to touch the heart of one of the HR interviewer. I’m sure, He put me in the head of that person even before the final assessment. I’ve seen God works His wonders because He knew our present situation.

You might not know how much difficult the Near Hire Training was for me. Day by day, it weakens my self-confidence convincing myself that I am not good enough. Every day on that training seems to me a hardship I could not bear anymore as if designed to weaken me.

I knew I couldn’t make it and the only reason that keeps me going is the belief that God has His purpose for me there.

And God chooses me despite of my weaknesses. He provided a vacancy in that company that is suited for me. Instead of assigning me to the job where I need to converse fluently, they assigned me to a job where all I need to do is to write–my favorite work on earth.

Again, God proves to me that…

  • He will never leave me nor forsake me.
  • That He will prepare the way for me.
  • That nothing on earth will happen to me that is not according to His will.
  • That He is really a friend who understands and helps. Ever present in times of needs.
  • That I can always talk to Him every step of the way and…
  • God really open doors…

I suffered a lot of discrimination from my co-trainees. I can’t count the times that I felt embarrassed. I even felt I don’t belong. And yes, there are moments when I felt so discouraged… if only I started early in this career path.

But friends, who can understand the will of God?

He works in ways we can’t comprehend that in the end we will be left astonished!

I landed the job at first try after eleven years of staying home. Quite impressive because to some, they needed 16 to 20 times of trying before having that job. They even keep on transferring from one company to another just to apply for the same position.

In the end, it is still good to have God as your backer and I am thankful for having the Christ-confidence I need to land the job!

God is so good to me.

And He is and forever will be to you, too.


~ Jennifer


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