Who makes you whole?


I am very excited to start my job after eleven years of staying-at-home. Actually, I am dreaming of so many possibilities, especially on my salary. I am counting and listing in advance the things I would want to buy from as simple as our groceries to as expensive as a motorcycle, a car, and a condominium.

This job gives me a sense of assurance and fulfillment. It makes me feel whole… or am I?

Job 5:17-18 says, “For He bruises but He binds up. He wounds but his hands make whole.”

Only Jesus is able to complete us. It’s not our fleeting job or dreams that might not come true, or relationships that might change any moment that we can be depend on.

Jesus, only Jesus can make us feel we no longer need anything, or anyone in this word because he completes us. He is at work in us to make us perfect for the day he appointed for us.

He who bruised and had been wounded is still the one who’s able to make us whole, why?

  • Because He had been through the hardest pain and difficulties a man could ever experience so He understand.
  • Because He provides all we need according to His riches and glory even without uttering a word.
  • Because He is our healer, our lover, our friend, our father, our shield, our support, our guide, and our… everything.

In Him you couldn’t ask for more. He’s a complete package!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that only you can complete me and all the rest are just like a spider web that could easily be ripped off.


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