Would be Stormy but Happy Christmas



We’re now in the times when storms keep on coming in our country.

My heart aches as I heard the news about my countrymen who suffered from the devastating typhoons. I was also hurt to know that there are people who died because of it.

Of course this is worse… and what’s may be worst than this? Nothing?

Ah, maybe the kind of storm that directly hits our lives.

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9 Essential Reminders for those who want to be a Christian Blogger?


So, you’re a Christian wanting to start a blog because you have the desire to spread the Good News to the world?

That’s good!

In this post, I would like to share my perspective on how to be a good Christian Blogger. This means, I will not going to touch on the technicalities but more on the characteristics we all must possess in order to serve the Lord through our blogs.

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Busy? 6 Tips When You Feel You Can’t Create for the Lord anymore


Most of us, creatives, love it when we are offering our talents for the Lord at the onset of our faith. At first we are so willing to write books and blogs, draw, paint, write poems, and sing to glorify Him. But after a few season, we found ourselves tired and maybe disappointed. We create but we receive a little or no compensation much less praise. Creating for the Lord becomes a lonely endeavor for us. It turned out to be just an obligation devoid of joy.

Today, let me share some tips to renew our creative spirits and help us continue with our service to our Father in heaven.

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