Confession: My Words of the Year 2017


I know most of us doubt the essence of New Year’s Resolution, me too. But today, I would like to share the words I would like to focus on to help improve our lives.  I don’t want to call them my New Year’s Resolution just my goal this year. The goal that I must live by or else there are a lot of things that will going to suffer.

My first word is…


“Then let them gather all the food of the good years that are coming, and store up the grain for food in the cities under Pharaoh’s authority and let them guard it.” – Gen. 41:35

That’s true. After transferring here in the City last May, I’ve learned that life is not easy and will never become easy for us here. Just after two months, my husband got terminated from his job and I have to jump out of my comfort zone to work. Me, who was a former stay-at-home where the only job I know was to sell porridge on the side.

It was through prayer and the help of God that I am able to secure a job. I was also amazed for what had happened. From May, we’re able to survive up to now. Yet, I am not still sure of what may happen by March because I am not still a regular employee.

Thus, the necessity to save and be frugal is highly important at this time.

This past week, I am constantly searching and reading about frugality. I found the blog of Frugalwoods helpful and now I am devouring the book “The Millionare Next Door.”

I am also busy budgeting and writing down our expenses.  I am planning to save a lot by buying what we only need, stop purchasing shoes, dress, art stuff and books that are not necessary at this time, withdraw only the budgeted amount and yes, live within our means.

I am starting to communicate this also to my family because I badly needed their cooperation at this point.

I believe that we’ve got to be mindful and cautious in everything that God entrusted us to have, be it little or more.  We have to live as wise in this world even when we are certain that God will provide or that “He will never leave us nor forsake us.”

I don’t want to think that by being frugal I do not trust the provision of God anymore. I know He will and He will always be. There are always virtues in frugality and savings than being wasteful.

“When they were filled, He said to His disciples, ‘Gather up the left-over fragments so that nothing will be lost.’” – John 6:12

The second word is…



“For He shall grow up before him as a tender plant and as a root out of a dry ground: He hath no form no comeliness ; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.”

I believe this is the twin sister of frugality.

As an impulse buyer myself and somewhat lover of dress, I think I have to discipline myself to live and appear simple. I will withhold myself now from buying shoes and dresses until I wore all of my collections or they are broken and unwearable anymore.  When it comes to dresses, I will go for those that made me feel comfortable.

I will also try to give-up all those things that never add to my efficiency or productivity. I am quite a hoarder of things like books, art stuffs, and documents that just adds up to clutter. My shelf is filled now with books I have no time to read. My art stuffs and collections are overflowing with expensive pens, watercolor, pencil , art books, printed drawing and the like. Even at work, my notes are cluttered with a lot of quotes and unneeded spiels or reminders. I know that to live simply, I’ve got to eliminate all those things that tend to complicate my life.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”  ~Hans Hofmann

I also need to give –up the cravings to become showy of everything I’ve got.  After all, Paul said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” And who is our Lord Christ Jesus? Isn’t He the most humble and simple person we’ve ever known? The King who was born in the family of the carpenters. The One with whom there is no beauty that we could ever desire Him? The One who was born in Bethlehem in the place where animals live? The One who walk in the earth with simple garments and not even one golden accessory?

We, as Christians look-up unto Him. It helps to think Jesus every time we spent.

And as part of my discipline this year, I want to live a simple life like what He did.

Let’s proceed to my third word…


“I will personally go with you… and I will give you rest – everything will be fine with you.” – Exodus 33:14

In my kind of job, stress is inevitable and it accompanies a lot of pain and illnesses. It is tremendously important for me to take care of my health now more than ever. I am already 38 years old and at this point, I am no longer as stronger as before.

Meditation (usually through art), water therapy, exercise, and eating more vegetables and fruits are my highest priority right now.

If before I am dreading the long walking distance from home to where I ride to work, now I am beginning to appreciate it. It is may be tiring, but at least I perspired a lot and this is healthy.

I am also embracing my art now more than ever because by creating, I can find ease of mind from my stressful job.

I know that if I tarry more in prioritizing my health, I will suffer sooner or later.

This is again requires self-discipline but with God’s help, I know I can do it.

My final word is…



“The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord  God of Ysrael, under whose wings thou art come to trust.” – Ruth 2:12

Although this time, I will be focusing more on the cheapest materials I can find in the house or in the local bookstore, I know I will continue creating art this year.

My focus is more on hand lettering primarily because this is the fastest way I can share with you the Word of God.

I know that I am not good yet in hand lettering but I promise myself that this year, I will pay more attention to it. Perhaps it is the fake calligraphy that I will be focusing on and the watercolor design inside the letters. So expect more Bible verses hand lettering art here.

When it comes to writing, yes, as part of my practice, I will be writing longer post each week because of my limited time and money (for my load in pocket WiFi) to post daily. I also find it hard to really, really post because of slow internet connection.

But anyway, there will be tips and more life’s revelation to come that will stick to my main theme, “Art and Spirituality,” so I hope that you still join me once a week.

These are my words of focus this 2017 and I like to know yours. Please share your word or words of the year in the comments section of this blog.

Happy New Year!


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