Bible Journalling: How to and the Advantages


I am a lover of Bible Journals I’ve seen on Blogs and Instagram. I love how others designed their works and how they artistically create hand lettering verses.

I love to do mine, too but not yet in my own Bible because I have no Bible with wide margins (lol!) like what I’ve seen on others. I do mine mostly on my sketch pad. Just the same it involves hand lettering of verses and painting it with watercolor like most of what you’ve seen in this blog.

Maybe one day, if I am able to buy a Bible durable for Journaling I would start mine, too and share them with you as usual.

But based on my practice, here’s what I’ve learned to be the advantage of creating a Bible Journal:

.01 It can encourage you to read the Bible and memorize the verses.

Because let’s face it, it is really hard to stick to daily Bible reading. I’ve read one blog post entry of a Bible Journaler who losses the zest of reading the Bible when she stopped creating art on the page and only regains it after she resumed from drawing in her Bible. I’m kinda like her in a sense that I am always losing the zest of reading my Bible daily.

Now, since I don’t usually draw or hand letters a verse that does not have a personal and special meaning to me, I became an avid reader of the Word. Finding this verse is hard unless I am able to read the whole chapter or story.

It is through the process of drawing and painting that certain verse that I am able to memorize it. And this is good because it is easy for me to counsel myself in times of needs, as the Word had already sunk into my being.

.02 It encourages you to practice creating the art—your gift from the Lord.

Bible Journaling is a great way to practice and be good at creating art.  It hones my skills as I practice it daily and I love it because I believe it is through this and through writing that I am able to share His Word.


.03 It encourages you to meditate in the Word of God.

Creating art is a form of meditation to me.

It is not a secret to you that my job as a customer service representative is very stressful.  Every day, I was bombarded by irate customers; this kind of job is really not for the faint hearted. You really need to have the heart of stone to be able to understand the rudeness and unreasonableness of some people. God knows how many times I go home crying because I was hurt and always hurting (if only these people knew).

It is during these down times that I spent two hours after the work to create while meditating in the verse that I am creating. Usually after this, I am able to sleep.

.04 The Word of God becomes your inspiration.

I used to draw quotations, but always end-up to hand lettering the Word of God. Although the words of other people are inspiring, nothing can be compared to the Word of God. It always uplifts my soul and strengthens me. Those verses that inspire me the most  also becomes an inspiration with others.

.05 You are able to share the Word in artistic forms.

Look at Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Blogs of your favorite Christian Artist and Bible Journalers and you will know how they can stir up the creativity in you. Who says we cannot share our works? Who says that Bible journaling is for your eyes only? Everything that lifts the Name of the Lord higher must be displayed for sharing and praising purposes. We have nothing to be ashamed, for the lamp must be put at the top of the table (and not under it) for everyone to see.

A Word of Caution, though…

Please, do not cover the whole page of the Bible and paint over the Word of God. Stay at the margin. Let us enhance its beauty and not put our art much more important than the Word itself. Our art, no matter how undenyingly awesome cannot be compared by the beauty of the truth that we can find by reading the whole Book. This is especially true if you are sharing your work to the world. Please, allow us to see that your art is only a decoration of the Word itself or an expression of your admiration to God and not the focal point.


Here’s my tips on how to Bible Journal

.01 Begin by practicing on sketchpads or bond papers until you get comfortable in creating your piece.

.02 Experiment with your tools. I like watercolor and sometimes pencil colors.

.03  Study hand lettering. You may Google about it or read books, but my advice is to capitalize on your own handwriting and makes it the basis of your hand lettering. This way, your art becomes uniquely yours.

.04 Draw and write only at the margin of your Bible where you find the verse that touches your heart and soul.

.05 You may also use stickers and paste it there, though I am not doing this because I am in frugality mode as usual. You may try doing this because it is interesting to look at. You may also use some washy tapes and cut out materials.

.06 Just create. Whatever your mind dictates you to do, do it. Be it doodles, fake calligraphy, cartoon, nature like, floral—if your artistic side say so, then create. Don’t be bothered by finding your own style then sticking into it. Release all that you have inside. Remember that we have to exhaust all the talents that we have so, when the Master returns He will say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

If you are into Bible Journalling, keep on doing it. Let the Holy Spirit guide us to continuously glorify the Father through it.


One thought on “Bible Journalling: How to and the Advantages

  1. Just know I read this and I thought about maybe adding some cool book marks here and there. I have clippings of church papers in my bible: parts of songs and verses that I love…maybe I can pull those out and hand letter them: that way I fan fun little paper surprises in my journal. Yes I will try this on Sunday! Yes art is my therapy and thanks for the reminder to trust in the universe, trust God and have patience.


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