Your Time is All I Need (a Relationship Building Love Poem)

For the 7 months that I am away, I am busy securing my job. I have been very open to you about this before I leave.

When I came back here, I honestly don’t know what to do. For once, what will I do with this blog knowing that I have no enough time to draw and create art anymore?

But reading previous comments from my readers before prompts me to return blogging and the only thing that’s left for me is the creative promptings to write a Scripture Based Love Poems so as not to deviate from my goal which is to spread my faith.

I don’t know how you will accept this change though but I act still! I choose rhyme poems, the kind that enlivens the childhood in me. It makes me remember the times of nursery rhymes and love songs.

I began creating love poems based on my daily meditation. I may only post once a week but still, it is better than leaving this blog dies on the vine, right?


So on my second week of creating love poems let me give you this…

Maybe you are a mom or a dad who’s busy working. Maybe you are a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a husband or a wife who finds no time for each other… this is for you:

Your Time is All I Need

Bring me the sacrifice of your time

Such a precious commodity

In your action addicted world

May you find time for me

Sit quietly in my presence

Oh, I miss you so

Let me embrace your nearness to me

While the stream of time just flow

Please delight in me again

Enjoy me now and forever

Let erverything stands still around

When we are here together

There’s that great mystery I feel

I do not try to fathom

When you sit quietly with me

The joy in my heart just blossom

I do not wish anything from you

I don’t even want your service

I don’t expect a lot of gifts either

Your little time is all I need

Bible Verse:

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:38


2 thoughts on “Your Time is All I Need (a Relationship Building Love Poem)

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