Claude Bristol on How to Deal with Sickness

download (1)I have finished reading T.N.T. it Rocks the Earth, still by Claude M. Bristol author of The Magic of Believing within a week and I have found a great advice for us who’s afraid of sickness or who are already suffering from it.

A little introduction about the book, well you can read there in a direct to the point way the principles you will find perplexed in reading The Magic of Believing. Reading T.N.T. it Rocks the Earth first will give you a thorough idea about the latter that you should not read the first without reading the other. This book is more actionable! It gives a timeless principle for success that if followed by the word will give us all the power to conquer life’s challenges.

The book is best recommended to, from Claude’s Bristol own words:


“…Friends and acquaintances who are depressed, despondent, in ill health, worried over financial affairs, whose worlds are topsy turvy; dissatisfied with their lot in life – lost in the wilderness…”

Now for his advice to the ill:


“… To bring about the intensity of being, it’s necessary to be in good health. I do not claim that the power of will is cure-all to mend broken legs and all that sort of thing, but I do know that constant application of the theory herein advanced will aid a person in ill health. All of you have heard of Dr. Emil Coue, the Frenchman, who was in this country a few years ago, telling people they could cure themselves if they would adopt his plan.

His idea was that you should say to yourself – “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” Just ponder over that for a minute.”

For those of us who are very fond of talking about our sickness and suffering just to get it out of our systems or to gain sympathy listen… this is a very important advice.


“We all know of people who are continually talking about backaches or some other kind of aches. They harp on them and the first thing they know, with that reiteration, the aches become realities. If you have such an ache or pain, there is no point to talking about your worries, your troubles. Do not talk about them. Do not think about them. Then they will not be in your own mind. It is the repetition that keeps them there. Shift your gears – reverse the process. Get away from the negative side and become an affirmative type – think affirmatively and the first thing you know your aches, worry and troubles will disappear.”

For more on Claude Bristol on How to Deal with Sickness, please read Jenny’s Road.



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