Take Care of the Love you have (A Poem)

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Why is it that we always take for granted our partners just because we thought they are there forever? On my part, it is because I am too busy securing our financial stability that I come short on my obligations. It is because I cannot, no matter how I try, to spread myself too thin or cut myself into several pieces just to be with everyone at one time.

But is this reason enough?

Friends, today enjoy this poem that I made as part of my devotional poem for marriage couples. I hope the message reach your inmost thoughts and work within you.

“Let all that you do be done with love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

love must be taken cared of

or soon it will die

don’t dare take it for granted

or like opportunity–it will fly

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Nagging (For relationship Building Love Poem)

I am guilty of nagging! Girls, who are not?

It’s been always easy for us to say those nagging words without even thinking of how our partner’s feel or how our children may feel or how those who are under us feel.

Does it helps build relationship or does it break?

Let’s read this poem I made putting myself in the perspective of my partner. I hope that as I see the truth behind these words, you also find time to contemplate on its effectiveness on building a lasting relationship.

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Watch your words diligently

For it may bless or break me

Please don’t speak carelessly

You’ll break my heart can’t you see?

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