5/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


There is no security in the this world and even if you work so hard to secure the very job that supports the life of your family, time will come that that job will be dissolved.

Businesses close. Companies get bankrupt.

The question that remains is… “Who holds your future?”

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4/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


Haven’t you notice how the sun appears every morning and how there’s always a nighttime. How there’s sunshine after the rain and how the tide ebbs and flows? How there’s summer, winter and fall?

We might not notice how everything is balance but it is. God is a balance God. Remember how He took rest after working for six days on the time of creation? He is balance in everything even to Himself, but why sometimes we are not?

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2/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


Know that you cannot do all at once. Know that you have your limitation. Know that hard work alone will not bring success. Work wisely. Take a slow but sure steps towards your goal. Do what you are able to do today, do just that.

We, working moms works hard because we want to help our families. We are motivated by giving all our efforts for the sake of our loved ones. But we forget… we forget that we only have one body and that body is not a machine.

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It pays to accept that we have limits. Let us not wait for the time when our body fails to do the things that we want to do because of sickness or fatigue.

This whole week, I wish that you take rest. The kind of rest that’s free of worries and stress. The kind of rest that gives you a peaceful sleep making your body ready for the next challenges in life.

works you do today 

will be the same tomorrow

with of without rest

1/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


“In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free. The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?” – Psalm 118:5-6

Along life’s way you will encounter people who will make life hard on you. These are the people who will hinder your plans, who will oppose you in all you do or say, who will put you in shame, who will bully you and hurt you.

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For you who Struggles on your Performance at Work (a Poem)


We are all expected to do our best at work. We are being paid for that. Most of the times, the only way to secure our jobs is when we are constantly performing. So today, I create this poem to inspire and to provide a proper mindset on job’s performance.


Your self is your only foe

And your last achievement is the sole measure

Of what your next accomplishment will be

With that, there should be no pressure.

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