Scripture Art Haiku #3

Scripture Art Haiku 3

“For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” – Psalms 5:12


4/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


Haven’t you notice how the sun appears every morning and how there’s always a nighttime. How there’s sunshine after the rain and how the tide ebbs and flows? How there’s summer, winter and fall?

We might not notice how everything is balance but it is. God is a balance God. Remember how He took rest after working for six days on the time of creation? He is balance in everything even to Himself, but why sometimes we are not?

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2/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


Know that you cannot do all at once. Know that you have your limitation. Know that hard work alone will not bring success. Work wisely. Take a slow but sure steps towards your goal. Do what you are able to do today, do just that.

We, working moms works hard because we want to help our families. We are motivated by giving all our efforts for the sake of our loved ones. But we forget… we forget that we only have one body and that body is not a machine.

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It pays to accept that we have limits. Let us not wait for the time when our body fails to do the things that we want to do because of sickness or fatigue.

This whole week, I wish that you take rest. The kind of rest that’s free of worries and stress. The kind of rest that gives you a peaceful sleep making your body ready for the next challenges in life.

works you do today 

will be the same tomorrow

with of without rest

How I Describe in Haiku the life of a Working Mom


I was once again becomes fascinated with Haiku poem so I decided to write one post today to describe my life as a working mom.

Pardon me if these are not the realistic haiku you almost always read online. These are just a description of how I feel… poems that evokes emotion. These are the kind of poems that usually touches me.

I can tell, making these poems are actually therapeutic.

Let’s begin…

How do you feel working and coming home so late then finding out your children are still waiting there in the house for you?

At home from late work

Four sets of eyes waiting there

In front of the gate

 And how is our love life? How about the husband we most neglect?

The dark colored cat

Slowly cuddles on her lap

Longs for her caress

Oh, how I wish I could sleep long hours, too. This is the first thing that suffers when you are working…

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