For you who Struggles on your Performance at Work (a Poem)


We are all expected to do our best at work. We are being paid for that. Most of the times, the only way to secure our jobs is when we are constantly performing. So today, I create this poem to inspire and to provide a proper mindset on job’s performance.


Your self is your only foe

And your last achievement is the sole measure

Of what your next accomplishment will be

With that, there should be no pressure.

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Don’t try to get out!


“Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well developed.” – James 1:4

I love what my Coach told me in her text message,

“…remember though that you were the ones who worked hard during the assessments so job well done to you. You never gave up and made sure that you improved and you did. Congratulations. Your hard work paid off.”

To which I answered,

“Yes, what I have is the determination, but what you gave me is the direction and for that thank you.”

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