1/30 Weekly Encouragement and Haiku for Working Mothers


“In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free. The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?” – Psalm 118:5-6

Along life’s way you will encounter people who will make life hard on you. These are the people who will hinder your plans, who will oppose you in all you do or say, who will put you in shame, who will bully you and hurt you.

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Take Care of the Love you have (A Poem)

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Why is it that we always take for granted our partners just because we thought they are there forever? On my part, it is because I am too busy securing our financial stability that I come short on my obligations. It is because I cannot, no matter how I try, to spread myself too thin or cut myself into several pieces just to be with everyone at one time.

But is this reason enough?

Friends, today enjoy this poem that I made as part of my devotional poem for marriage couples. I hope the message reach your inmost thoughts and work within you.

“Let all that you do be done with love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

love must be taken cared of

or soon it will die

don’t dare take it for granted

or like opportunity–it will fly

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How I Describe in Haiku the life of a Working Mom


I was once again becomes fascinated with Haiku poem so I decided to write one post today to describe my life as a working mom.

Pardon me if these are not the realistic haiku you almost always read online. These are just a description of how I feel… poems that evokes emotion. These are the kind of poems that usually touches me.

I can tell, making these poems are actually therapeutic.

Let’s begin…

How do you feel working and coming home so late then finding out your children are still waiting there in the house for you?

At home from late work

Four sets of eyes waiting there

In front of the gate

 And how is our love life? How about the husband we most neglect?

The dark colored cat

Slowly cuddles on her lap

Longs for her caress

Oh, how I wish I could sleep long hours, too. This is the first thing that suffers when you are working…

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Think of your passion in life (a poem)


I have changed job from easier to a more complicated one. It all happens last week so I am not able to post here.

I need to catch-up with a lot of new perplexing process. Because the change is so sudden, I got a cough.

Ahhh, working is really hard. For one, it leads me away to what I love doing – writing. Not only that, I am not able to catch-up with my reading, too.

But I decided never to push my passion at the back side. I should find time thus, this poem…

Think of your passion in life (a poem)

Every job I do today

Is but a stepping stone

I would like to think

It’s not the final destination

It’s just a vehicle

To bring me to what I want

It’s there to finance my passion

Reading, writing, travelling, fun

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James Allen on the Effect of Thought on Health and the Body

51J2TaSwJ6L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_My search on positive thinking continues in this post. I am now reading James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh and as a woman fascinated with how thoughts affect the body and the circumstances, I won’t permit myself to pass through the page related to it in the book without sharing Allen’s words to you. He said,


“The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. At the bidding of unlawful thoughts the body sinks rapidly into disease and decay; at the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty.”


“Strong, pure, and happy thoughts build up the body in vigour and grace. The body is a delicate and plastic instrument, which responds readily to the thoughts by which it is impressed, and habits of thoughts produce their own effects, good or bad, upon it.”


What a statement to remember, right? If only we’re able to keep our thoughts pure and happy despite of what’s going on around us. How much I wish we’ll be unaffected people who do not care what others may think or do towards us. But the truth is it takes effort, really…


“Men will continue to have impure and poisoned blood, so long as they propagate unclean thoughts. Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body. Out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body. Thoughts is the fount of action, life, and manifestation; make the fountain pure, and all will be pure.”

Would any kind of diet help us heal? Well, of course yes as the doctors would always suggest us to change our diets every time we are sick. When I tried the No-Carb diet, I got healed from high blood and my mind becomes sharper. But according to Allen this is not all to it…


“Change of diet will not help a man who will not change his thoughts. When a man makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure food.”


“Clean thoughts make clean habits.”


“If you would protect your body, guard your mind. If you would renew your body, beautify your mind.”

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Revenge Ruin No One but You (A poem)

All of us experience the sudden urge to take revenge one time or another. This happens when we feel someone belittles us, shame us or do something that we feel unfair or unreasonable.

There was a time that this kind of treatment happens to me at work. I felt furious to the point that I really did a silent revenge against my company. In the end, I realize that I am ruining my credibility in the process.

Here’s the poem I made recently to describe how I felt that particular situation:


Revenge Ruin No One but You (A poem)

Who can fathom

The power of revenge

Or what it does to you

Who wants to take avenge?

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For you who Struggles on your Performance at Work (a Poem)


We are all expected to do our best at work. We are being paid for that. Most of the times, the only way to secure our jobs is when we are constantly performing. So today, I create this poem to inspire and to provide a proper mindset on job’s performance.


Your self is your only foe

And your last achievement is the sole measure

Of what your next accomplishment will be

With that, there should be no pressure.

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