Confession: My Words of the Year 2017


I know most of us doubt the essence of New Year’s Resolution, me too. But today, I would like to share the words I would like to focus on to help improve our lives.  I don’t want to call them my New Year’s Resolution just my goal this year. The goal that I must live by or else there are a lot of things that will going to suffer.

My first word is…

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Busy? 6 Tips When You Feel You Can’t Create for the Lord anymore


Most of us, creatives, love it when we are offering our talents for the Lord at the onset of our faith. At first we are so willing to write books and blogs, draw, paint, write poems, and sing to glorify Him. But after a few season, we found ourselves tired and maybe disappointed. We create but we receive a little or no compensation much less praise. Creating for the Lord becomes a lonely endeavor for us. It turned out to be just an obligation devoid of joy.

Today, let me share some tips to renew our creative spirits and help us continue with our service to our Father in heaven.

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Don’t try to get out!


“Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well developed.” – James 1:4

I love what my Coach told me in her text message,

“…remember though that you were the ones who worked hard during the assessments so job well done to you. You never gave up and made sure that you improved and you did. Congratulations. Your hard work paid off.”

To which I answered,

“Yes, what I have is the determination, but what you gave me is the direction and for that thank you.”

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