Happy Birthday my Son

On your 5th birthday, I would like you to remember this message:

That life is hard but it is even harder without Jesus.

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Would be Stormy but Happy Christmas



We’re now in the times when storms keep on coming in our country.

My heart aches as I heard the news about my countrymen who suffered from the devastating typhoons. I was also hurt to know that there are people who died because of it.

Of course this is worse… and what’s may be worst than this? Nothing?

Ah, maybe the kind of storm that directly hits our lives.

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Brisk Walking


“For He will command His Angel conserning you to guard you in all your ways.” –Psalm 91:11

One of my favorite blogger said that in an unknown territory sometimes we must let ourselves be lost in order to learn.

I don’t have such courage that’s why when I happened to turned left instead of right down to Maya St., I come up into an unfamiliar place. I’m so afraid I can’t go home.

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When You have no House to Call your Own


Read: 2 Corinthians 5:1

Finding a house for rent here in Manila is not an easy task. When my husband and I were looking for a better house before we transfer here, we had many not so good experiences. We’re being asked if we have a credit card with Php50,000 in it, if we have no kids, if we could really afford the price, if it’s okay if we don’t cook in a  gas stove etc…

Some were too expensive and out of our budget for a two months advance and a month deposit. We found one that was big enough complete with cabinets and was also low in price but located near a river with a quarreling neighborhood and a very disgusting smell.

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