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Confession: My Words of the Year 2017


I know most of us doubt the essence of New Year’s Resolution, me too. But today, I would like to share the words I would like to focus on to help improve our lives.  I don’t want to call them my New Year’s Resolution just my goal this year. The goal that I must live by or else there are a lot of things that will going to suffer.

My first word is…

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Would be Stormy but Happy Christmas



We’re now in the times when storms keep on coming in our country.

My heart aches as I heard the news about my countrymen who suffered from the devastating typhoons. I was also hurt to know that there are people who died because of it.

Of course this is worse… and what’s may be worst than this? Nothing?

Ah, maybe the kind of storm that directly hits our lives.

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A Single Sale


“For surely, O Lord, You bless the righteous, you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” – Psalm 5:12

Rainy days. Flood here and there. Children getting sick. Me, having a cold I’ve caught from a friend.

In times like this, I wish God would give me something to uplift my spirit.

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Brisk Walking


“For He will command His Angel conserning you to guard you in all your ways.” –Psalm 91:11

One of my favorite blogger said that in an unknown territory sometimes we must let ourselves be lost in order to learn.

I don’t have such courage that’s why when I happened to turned left instead of right down to Maya St., I come up into an unfamiliar place. I’m so afraid I can’t go home.

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